The press release is a document written for journalists to inform them of the launch of an event or a new product.

What is a press release?

An integral part of press relations or PR, the press release is a relatively short and concise document in which a company or brand presents its products and services. The PR also makes it possible to communicate on an event or to launch a specific marketing action. Moreover, it is not at all reserved only for large companies. Indeed, this type of document can be extremely beneficial for startups and SMEs. Not to mention that PR remains very popular with influencers, journalists, and bloggers who are responsible for transmitting information to the general public.

In addition, the objectives of a press release are numerous: to gain visibility, to stand out from the competition, to develop notoriety, or to establish an image of an expert.


When to publish a press release?

There are many opportunities in the life of a company that is favorable to writing or publishing a PR. Among which, it is possible to cite:


The appointment of a new leader;

The launch of a new service or product;

The establishment of a new collaboration;

The launch of an e-commerce site;

The opening of a physical or virtual point of sale;


How to write a relevant press release?

Writing a good press release requires following a number of steps:


Define the subject and object of the PR: it is about taking the time to reflect on the message that the press release will disseminate;

Find an appropriate and original angle of approach: the principle is to create an attractive title and catchphrase;

Structure the document well: a PC generally consists of an introduction, a title, a chapter, a body, and a conclusion;

Carefully work on content and form: the choice of vocabulary and tone greatly impacts the relevance of a press release. The content must also be concise, without forgetting to take care of the visuals. Etc.

Press release: what are the advantages?

 Optimize natural referencing, retain customers, boost net linking. There are many benefits of CP.


Saving money

Would you like to fabricate attention to your business, yet you don't have a clue how to go about it?

You don't have the financial plan to set up showcasing activities?

In contrast to publicizing, a PR crusade doesn't need a financial plan. Organizations ought to know that this methodology just requires some investment to make the applicable substance.

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The expenses of this partner are a lot lower than the promoting rates.

As far as the creation, organizations must:

Compose public statements for explicit data

Compose a press pack that presents the organization all in all

To have a compelling press relations crusade, focus on the nature of the message you send. Both in substance and in structure, the methodology should be applicable and keen.

Media coverage at a lower cost

It is obvious that a press release is a communication tool allowing companies with limited resources to make themselves known to their target audience. The strength of PR also lies in the fact that it allows content to be distributed through different channels. However, it should be noted that writing a press release should not be done only to satisfy search engines. Indeed, this kind of content must be created in order to grab the attention of readers.

A good way to increase turnover

The main return on investment of a press release is to increase the turnover of a company or a brand. Indeed, whatever type of event a company wishes to highlight, the key to success lies in good PR. However, the impact of the latter is generally difficult to estimate. Thus, it makes more sense to qualify it as being a simple tool likely to convince prospects.

A very effective digital marketing strategy

Aside from a good positioning on social networks and an excellent prolific site, the press release helps attract a large number of audiences and gain visibility. In fact, PR is more effective if it is controlled by renowned influencers, journalists, and bloggers. The latter is the most qualified to reshape messages to target a particular audience.


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