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Even if more and more people want to use the computer as a writing instrument, and writing with a pen is a practice that is becoming increasingly rare, the pleasure of writing still remains intact. Using a high-end pen is one way to own something that can be used on a daily basis. Among the many models of luxury pens, we can mention the Mont Blanc pen brand. 

Inspired by Josef Mohamed, we will share with you all you need to know about Montblanc pens!

Special features of Montblanc pens

The Montblanc company was created in 1906 thanks to the association of Alfred Nehemia, Johannes Voss, and August Ebertstein. The company's logo is known to represent the famous snow-capped mountain. The specificity of the luxury pens of the Mont Blanc brand is the number 4810 marked on the writing instrument. This number represents the altitude of the mountain. Montblanc pens helped foster the history of high-end pens. The success of the firm dates back to 1906, at that time the company producing luxury pens created an innovative system. It is a fountain pen whose inkwell is directly integrated into the writing instrument.

It was only 4 years later that the first Mont Blanc fountain pen was marketed. This type of luxury pen was considered a real revolution at the time. The particularity of the very first Montblanc pen is that the tool was a revolution in terms of techniques and design. Once closed, fountain pens are airtight. The German company is nowadays the number one in terms of selling high luxury pens. In 1994, the company built the most expensive style in the world. His price? $125,000! The company offers various categories of Montblanc pens, the cheapest luxury pen models are over $100, while the best luxury pens reach several thousand dollars.

Giving a luxury pen is a refined present.

Offering a luxury pen is choosing to offer a refined gift. This discreet object is an essential tool for people who need to sign contracts or write handwritten letters. Luxury pens can also be likened to leather goods. The fact is that, to complete your gift, you can add a storage box, designer case, or excellent quality leather accessories. By choosing a luxury pen as a gift, you can choose from various ranges of writing instruments and materials such as ebony, silver, or gold.

The luxury writing instrument can witness the most important moments of the life of a man. Use luxury pens to write an intimate letter, sign important documents, and write a declaration of love.... By offering a MontBlanc pen or other trendy luxury pen models, it is giving an object that will be part of the intimacy of the loved one.

Offer a luxury pen and exceptional accessories.

The luxury pen, clock, designer letter opener, binders, and leather boxes... Choosing luxury accessories as a gift is an opportunity to enhance a desk while underlining the personality of the recipient of the present. The advantage of high-end pens is that these writing instruments are made with noble materials such as diamonds, gold, silver, and platinum. Another asset, these pens are real gems that guarantee unequaled ease of writing. Luxury pens appeal to women and men. The luxury models are available to please connoisseurs who are looking for excellent quality objects.

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